2024 Home Design Trends

2024 Home Design Trends

As we step into the year 2024, the world of home design is evolving at a rapid pace, bringing forth exciting new trends that redefine the way we perceive and interact with our living spaces. From sustainable practices to cutting-edge technology, this year’s home design trends promise to create homes that reflect personal style and […]

Tennessee Real Estate Market Predictions for 2024

Tennessee Real Estate Market Predictions for 2024

  Are you curious about the future of Tennessee’s real estate market? Join us as we dive into the trends, statistics, and predictions shaping the landscape for 2024. The DeSelms Team is here to guide you through the waves of change and opportunity in the dynamic Tennessee housing market. Tennessee’s Current Real Estate Snapshot Tennessee […]

Nashville’s Job Market Impact on Real Estate

Nashville's booming job market: Nashville Skyline

Real Estate Insights for Relocating Professionals Nashville, the vibrant capital of Tennessee, has experienced a remarkable surge in its job market in recent years. Nashville ranked number one in The Wall Street Journal’s annual ranking of the top job markets. With a diverse range of industries and a thriving economy, Nashville has become an attractive […]

Should You Sell to an Instant Offer Company?

couple shocked by the low price they were given from an iBuyer

Selling a home can be a daunting task. Traditionally, the process involves: Finding a real estate agent Preparing the home for showings Hosting open houses Negotiating offers Waiting for the closing process to complete But now, with the emergence of iBuyers, homeowners have a new option to sell their homes quickly and easily. What Are […]

What is a Mortgage Buydown?

new home after purchasing a mortgage buydown

With the recent increases in mortgage rates, homebuyers are seeing their purchasing power go down as their potential monthly payments increase. As a result, some buyers are questioning if they should wait to purchase a home in hopes that mortgage rates will go down in the future. However, that may not be necessary if you […]

Different Mortgage Loan Options

home loan options

Are you looking to purchase a home but need help determining what kind of loan is right for you? There are several different types of loans available to homebuyers, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of loans so you can decide which […]

Is The Housing Market Going to Crash? Should I Wait to Buy a Home?

Is the Housing Market Going to Crash? The current state of the housing market is a hot topic of debate. Some say that now is a buyers’ market, while others claim that prices are still too high. The market is strong. Home prices are rising, and there is still a high demand for homes. This […]

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Living in Nashville, TN

the city of Nashville

If you’re considering making a move to Nashville, TN, here are five reasons why you’ll love living in this vibrant city. From the world-renowned music scene to the delicious food options, there’s something for everyone in Nashville. So what are you waiting for? Come see why this city is one of the best places to […]

Tips for Decluttering & Downsizing Your Possessions Before Moving

family of four moving into their new home and unpacking

If you’re considering a move, chances are you’ve already started thinking about everything you need to do to make it happen. One of the most daunting tasks of any move is dealing with your belongings – deciding what to bring, what to leave behind, and how to fit everything into your new home. For many […]