If you are thinking about selling your home, one of the best things you can do is improve the overall impression of your home.

First impressions are lasting. A well presented home says, “welcome”. Often, simple cosmetic changes can be made with minimal time and expense to increase the value of your property. Your home will be just one of many on the market at any given time. In order to stand out above the competition, you’ll need to present your home as uniquely appealing as possible. Our experience shows that sellers who make this extra effort are awarded with a quicker sale and in many cases, a higher price.

The first step is to walk through your home with the eyes of a prospective buyer and determine what needs to be cleaned, painted, repaired or tossed. Ask yourself, if you were buying this home, what would you want to see, or not see?

Tips for selling your home




Exterior of Home: 

Front Door: 



Throughout the home: 



Living / Family / Dining Rooms: 



Basement / Attic / Crawl Space / Garage: 

Tips for selling your home

Selling not Showing

When preparing your home for a showing, remember that this will no longer be your home, but the buyer’s new home! Have you ever walked into a new construction model home, a vacation home or a hotel and instantly relaxed? Everything is sparkling clean, perfectly placed and staged. A prospective buyer is more than likely needing to move up to a new home because their current home is too small or does not continue to meet their needs. We want to show your home in the best possible light.

Here are a couple of key points to keep in mind when going through this list:

Less is More!

While you’re cleaning, think about each room and what type of furniture really needs to be in it. Each room should have one purpose only (for example, choose a dining room or office).

Repairs can make a big difference!

Make sure that all known repairs are completed. Even if it’s a simple repair, if it’s not fixed prior to showing your home, it gives the feeling of deferred maintenance, as in, “If this small thing is broken, what else is wrong with the house?”

Let the Sun In!

Let in plenty of light. Light improves the atmosphere more than anything else.


If it’s warm outside, turn the air down so it feels cold and refreshing when they walk in. If it’s cold outside, make sure they feel warmth when they enter. Pro Tip: Have cold water or hot coffee on the counter, depending on the weather.

Showings / Inspections

Time to leave! Avoid staying in the home any time the buyer and their representative will be at the home. This is their time in the home to thoroughly look through it and ask all of their questions. Buyers sometimes feel shy to ask their agents their questions if you are present.

Keep it Quiet

As a general rule, it’s best to have all TV’s, radios, etc. turned off during showings. Also, do your best to remove all pets, even if they are friendly. Let the buyer and agent talk, free of distractions.

Pre-Showing checklist