What You Need to Know About Home Equity

home equity

Home equity is the portion of your home’s value that you own outright or the portion that you would receive if you sold your home today. Many homeowners strive to grow their home equity to build wealth or use it as a financial resource in the future. What is Home Equity? Home equity is the […]

Nfocus: Insider’s Guide to Realtors Featuring Tara DeSelms

Tara DeSelms

The DeSelms Team’s own Tara DeSelms was featured in the Insider’s Guide to Realtors. This guide is produced annually by Nfocus, which highlights the region’s top real estate agents. Real estate agents share their stories and expert real estate advice in this guide. About Tara DeSelms Tara is a Nashville native, following in her father, Terry […]

Myth: We Are in Another Housing Bubble

Nice grey house with a front facing garage inside of a bubble floating through the sky

History Is NOT Repeating Itself – Here’s Why: In the last few years, home appreciation has continued to rise. As a result, prices have sparked a concern that a housing bubble is forming, and there is a fear the market will crash as it did 15+ years ago. We want to show you why this […]