It is not too late to take advantage of these seasonal perks!

Most of us have probably heard that buying or selling a home around the holidays is the worst time to do so. We have to say that we do not agree. Statistics show that a large number of purchases are made during the colder months – even with all the holidays! Some people believe this time of year is too busy to deal with buying or selling a home, but you can use this time to your advantage.

What Are The Benefits of Buying or Selling This Time of Year?

Winter Buyers are Ready to Act Fast

There are people who simply enjoy going to open houses in the warmer months, even if they are not interested in purchasing. Whether it is to get ideas for their own home or to see what other homes are going for near them and their features. When it is colder these attendees tend to stay home, which means you’ll have more serious buyers coming through the door.

Serious buyers can lead to a quicker sale. In the colder months, there are usually less buyers and less inventory in the market. Winter buyers are usually looking for homes because they HAVE to, for whatever their reasoning, which makes them eager and serious to find a home. Those looking for home this time of year typically want to get settled while they have the extra time off and before they have to return to work or take the kids back to school. These buyers are also usually aware of the end-of-year tax breaks.

Beneficial Tax Breaks

Closing BEFORE December 31st can deduct the property taxes, mortgage interest, and interest costs of the loan. Tax laws can limit the amount of deductions, but buyers are typically looking for any way to save money and they know they may not have these options come spring time.

Pro Tips for the Winter Seller:

A slow end to the year could be the right time to get you into your dream home. Consider taking advantage of all these benefits by speaking with one of our agents, whether you are thinking of buying or selling a home. The DeSelms Real Estate team is here to bring YOU home.